SuperFoods Consulting

With a Bachelor of General Studies degree in Plant Sciences and a Master of Science degree in Ag Education and Extension Education, Superfoods Consulting owner, C. Jeff Bragg, is a subject matter expert on all things potatoes as it relates to soils, plant development, consumer development – all things organic to IPM. The complete chain includes production to the consumer palate.

Mr. Bragg has worked within the potato community for decades, to include:

  • Everything Potatoes, Inc., Vice President
  • Vice President, Meijer North America, developing a potato variety program for a leading Dutch breeding company;
  • Vice President Sales/OPS, SunRain Varieties, LLC, as Executive Management of Intellectual Property of Potato Varieties throughout North America;
  • Potandon Produce LLC, Director, Product Development.

Mr. Bragg has served as:

  • a Potato Specialist for USAID
  • a Delegate for the CA Asparagus Commission
  • a Delegate to the Potato Association of America - Executive Board Marketing and Utilization
  • Founding Board Member, Idaho Precision Agriculture
  • Founding Board Member, North Snake Pumpers

Jeff Bragg – SuperFoods Consulting

Navajo Pride Brand (NAPI)

We’re very excited to announce a direct organic potato-growing partnership with the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, or NAPI, based near Farmington, New Mexico. From New Mexico True site:

“NAPI is a growing and thriving enterprise with national and international contracts for its agricultural products, sold under the brand name "Navajo Pride." NAPI's success is crucial to the sovereign and economic interests of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Pride brand is unique because it is owned and operated by the Navajo People. Located in the heart of the Four Corners region near Farmington, New Mexico, our operation is one of the largest tracts of contiguous farmland in the nation. Our agribusiness features state-of-the-art farming technology including a multimillion dollar water irrigation management system.”


Potato Grower magazine, March 2019:

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