Lady Amarilla

A low sucrose, low-reducing sugar, SuperFood varietal from the Netherlands, full of carotenoids and lutein. An organic wonder with long shelf life. Yellow both outside and inside. Chef grade, tasty, culinarily superior, able to be hand-cut year-round, with great taste!


Long Time Industry Leader, Russet Burbank, on the left, Lady Amarilla on the right

What is the Dark Brown? Reducing Sugars that show their true colors when made into home fries. This is what diabetics need to watch for… and, why doctors say to stay away from CARBS.  However, now we know … not all “Spuds” are created equal!

What Refrigeration does to the venerable potato....unless you are Lady Amarilla (on the right) compared to Russet Burbank (on the left)


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